Gold Dust

Gold Dust

  • 80 cc Paste Tube
  • 8 oz Packet
  • 5 lb Bucket

  • Use as a drench or the paste at shows to get them fresh and bloomy
  • Paste provides a full assortment of nutrition
  • Use powder to supplement a reduction in feed to control bellies
  • Contains no banned substances
  • For use in cattle, goats, sheep and swine

Feeding Instructions

Gold Dust Paste:

  • Sheep & Goats: 20cc to 40cc twice daily, or as needed
  • Cattle & Swine: 40cc to 80cc twice daily, or as needed

Gold Dust Powder:

  • Sheep & Goats: 2-4 oz daily in feed ration, or mix in 1 quart of water to use as a drench
  • Cattle & Swine: 4-8 oz daily in feed ration, or mix 8 oz in 2 gallons of water at shows

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