Pink2Purple™ 12-Pack

Pink2Purple™ 12-Pack


  • Quickly hydrates your pig during high-stress situations such as travel, show day, farrowing and weaning
  • Designed for a pig’s taste buds, your pigs will crave Pink2Purple™ after just one or two feedings
  • More than just an electrolyte: a perfect blend of amino acids and sodium, when combined with water, creates an isotonic solution that fuels the absorptive cells in the small intestine
  • 1 cup serving size means pigs only have to drink a little to achieve optimal hydration


Add powder to 1 pint (16 oz) water, mix until dissolved to make a 3% solution. For show pigs more than 100 lbs - 1 cup (8 oz) pre- and post-transport and 1 cup twice daily for duration of show.


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